Like all other features, ornamentaion is based on knowledge of best practices in clothing design. The list of possible options is practically limitless, so the intial implemented set is chosen to support the algorithmic nature of the work, and expanded over time.
Barnsley fern is sometimes use as a heat transfer print or laser etched graphic.
Cellular automata patterns are sometimes used as heat transfer prints or laser etched graphics.
3D camouflage pattern can be applied on 1 or more layers of fabric. If multiple layers are overlapped, the pattern is offeset so that the holes never align completely. A safe area can be defined from the edge inwards.
Text can be laser etched into fabric with closely spaced lines, which are set to be out of focus on purpose.
Camouflage can be etched with different line spacings corresponding to different colours of the original pattern.
A knit rib effect can be mimicked with laser etched pattern with optional additional ornamentation.
Polka dot pattern can be cut into a fabric as holes or in some cases ethed on the surface.
Various fractal patterns such as the Mandelbrot set or Julia set can be etched on fabrics.