The main gantry of the machine is a vertically oriented two axis linear motion setup. Z-axis is not needed for cutting due to the uniform thickness of the used materials.
The vertical arrangement is chosen because it makes the footprint of the machine relatively small, allowing it to be set up in small space e.g. in a kitchen or bedroom, and it also simplifies fabric feeding, smoke evacuation and the dispensing of the finished pieces.
X-axis motion uses double motor "belt & pinion" setup, adapted from an OpenBuilds ACRO system. Belt drive is chosen due to the practicality of extending it to long distances; the x-axis needs to cover a width greater than a typical roll of fabric, usually between 1400 and 1800mm. Achieving this with a belt is relatively straight forward, the only limiting factor is the availability of long linear extrusions.
Y-axis uses a ball screw since it can handle vertical stress better than a belt; there is no risk of slipping downward during fast movement, and in the case of power failure, the gantry doesn't crash down. Additional benefit is that the motor is not travelling in the center of the machine, but only along the horizontal axis, which reduces inertia.
The laser diode is the only component attached to the y-axis. Power supplies and compressor for air assist are in a separate rack above the frame.
The gantry is suspended in the a middle of a rigid cage, which dampens all possible vibration resulting from rapid motion.